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We know your trees are important to you. They add value to your home, they improve the appearance of your property, and over time they sort of become part of your family. Cherished memories of childhood often include a favorite tree that was always there – whether to provide an outlet of energy by climbing on it, or to relax in the afternoon shade under it. As such, it’s important that your trees are well maintained so that they can live a long and healthy life. We can help you with that.

We provide a wide range of services for your trees. These include:

Stateline knows in some cases, a tree can live for many years without any substantial additional care. However, trees that are on your property are different in some respects. You don’t want them to just remain alive; you want them to thrive. This can mean additional attention is required, perhaps some supplementary nutrition and just regular maintenance. We can take care of all those things, so that all you do is just enjoy their presence around your home.

Tree removal

It’s unavoidable – there will be certain situations that require a tree to be removed. It could be a dead tree that was not savable, or perhaps a tree that was damaged as a result of a storm or other outside force. We are able to handle any tree removal project, no matter how big or small the tree may be.

We are skilled at removing trees in all environments, with safety of people and property as our first priority.

Stump removal

When a tree is cut down, one thing remains – the stump. This is not such a big issue if it’s in the middle of the woods, but on your front lawn it’s a problem. We have the equipment to grind a stump down to below the ground level, so that the area can be covered with a section of sod. In a short time the new grass takes root, and there is no evidence that a tree was there.

Tree clearing

Some of our customers are property owners with large lots that need to be cleared. Our crews can come in and selectively clear the areas on your land that need to be opened up. When you call, we can arrange a time to come out and take a look at the area to provide an estimate on the total cost and scheduling requirements.

Tree pruning and trimming

Trees are beautiful on their own, but in order to ensure their good health, they need to be trimmed sometimes. We use trimming procedures that offer the absolute minimal trauma to the tree, and that guarantee a quick healing. The overall benefit is a tree that looks great and remains healthy for a long time.

Storm cleanup

Heavy winds can be unkind to your trees. You may find large, heavy branches all over your lawn after a storm. Don’t worry about dealing with that – just call us. We’ll take care of the storm damage and have your property looking beautiful again!

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